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10 June 2014

29 things that the Designer Should Know

Lots of questions and the questions of the young designers need to answer the first steps to become professional designers. These questions are not new for many more years, and in this article lists 29 things to help young designers to easily access and interact with as well as professional life.The order is random, not in the sense that more important.

1. Loving the little details
You are an expert in interaction design. You always have to be careful to take little things you do, resume, social media, e-mails, blog posts, messages, letters.
Like cared about the small details as well as a good sign for the employer to notice you.

2. Visit the
Colleagues and even your boss will sometimes make your "blood boil". No matter what happens, give her professionalism and dedication. Avoid quit or change jobs when you do not feel satisfied with them.

Your career can at this, but at the other's professional spirit will help you a lot along the way, please leave a good impression with everyone you work together.
For design technology, said "living way" and "drive" them according to his wishes is both an art.

3. Letters Do not be afraid; Be the expert.
One way you become a good typographer is to remember the basic rules and avoid simple errors.

The books you should read as "" The Elements of Typographic Style "by Robert Bringhurst," Thinking With Type "by Ellen Lupton and" Grid Systems in Graphic Design "by Josef Müller-Brockmann.

4. Knowing your audiences
You're talking to who and what the theme is? If you can not answer both questions for the work you are about to perform is really worrying.
Graphic design, briefly explain the transmission of messages. Make sure you understand the message and send it to the viewer in the most concise way.

Communicating with a clear purpose - not only does it beautifully.

5. Yourself.
Be confident in yourself when you are a composer, a designer, a photographer, a creative person. Do not follow a specific personal style. Instead, the developers themselves to fit the job you are pursuing.
These works can not say who you are, but it shows you have the hands of a designer. You are recognized, and are employed pay (assignment) by the what you make.
For individual products, now you can say what you want, no one prevent you from doing this.

6. Learn to say No
Some of the work at its best designers sometimes say no to customers or a certain project. Unfortunately, this can cause some catastrophic and experience necessary to accurately assess.
Carefully consider the project, time, brainpower, relationships, money - the pros and cons of the project.

Maybe you're being treated like a "tool" and the scope of the project has no end, while the payment amount is fixed.

7. Collect and share everything
Find the works, useful articles and share them with friends, colleagues, and clients. Use social networking sites will help you easily accomplish this.
Please share the humor, serious evaluation ... whatever belongs to you.

8. As someone who creates designs
Development ideas, write them, edit, share and receive feedback. You are creating your own designs.
Read the blog design and participate in the discussion. There are a few ideas.You will find yourself by taking the time to join the other designers, discuss and share the work involved.

9. Creating a story
One of the tips for young designers is to try to redesign or upgrade the design, but the brand is too bad design, or you can do better.
The brand may have more options for reference, or if talented and lucky, your design can be purchased. If you do not score well in the eyes of employers.

10. Remodel personal information
In times of today's technology, your information will be employers carefully checked. So make sure your information online, on social networking sites, forums are clearly visible, full.
These acts, articles and status will also be used to evaluate the candidate, so please always behave.

11. Learning
You never understand all areas of the business as their own customers, but part of the job of the designer is to try to understand. Learn as much as possible about the project, the business sector, objectives, competition, history of customers.
Do not hesitate to ask questions, and then listen and take notes.

12. Observed trends (and then avoid them)
Preservation of views on their profession by reading books, magazines and blogs. Attend seminars, Rss feed to update the changes, relevant knowledge.
Do not be too mindful of the beautifully designed as a resource to inspire, we will save on your mind and you no longer unique, different.

Surveys to understand, not to "clone" them.

13. Protecting Yourself
One of the biggest benefits of learning all the originals are protected, explain your product before friends and teachers. You can tell the ideas, the process of working in a competitive environment, you will always see what they go to.

14. Use professional paper
In contrast to your everyday surfing, e-reading, the print is not dead. The beauty and quality of the printed products are excellent and the digital products can not be bright.
Paper industry, printing is working hard to help designers choose materials, how to conduct ... to meet the designers as well as clients.

15. Always content is king
King is Elvis, so of course. A good designer can help customers attracted by design and continue to go deeper into content, and content now represents the ultimate value of it, it will decide everything, success or failure.
So of course you need a good design, but the content is what helps great new products fly high.

16. Refusal personal style
Picasso episodes of Blue and Red (the only stage he quickly made using key 1 gram). Georgia obsessed with flowers and animal bones.
The difference between them and you is what? They are artists convey a personal message. And we are the designers, the task mainly convey the message of others.
Using only one method or style for many projects, different customers will have less success.

17. Saying No to Spec works - Try (translator)
Speculative work - work has not been charged or Spec work - try - this is a request made by a customer (potential - could become customers in the future).
Stay away from this type of request as a basis shun the plague - you can take your own design and gray matter, the effort you spend.
AIGA.org have articles to your wonderful negotiate the probation - including sample letters you explain to your customers that their requirements makes you "uncomfortable"

18. Become irreplaceable
What's your best work? Based on the content you are running your strongest skills in the workplace. Your office has charged a profit from photography, web programming, video editing or printing ...?
Work preferences and more study skills necessary to enhance the value and importance of your position in the company. If your workplace untidy when you lack one day - you have succeeded
19. Taking a design community
Join a community of your favorite design (Behance, Devian art, AIGA ...). In this place you can learn to exchange, discuss and search for updates in their fields.

20. Develop relationships
Build yourself personal relationships not only with colleagues but also with the customer. Friendly staff forwarding, printing, employees, boss ....
At some point they are your potential customers.

21. Welcoming criticism, praise modest advance
As a designer, listen to opinions contrary to his views is not easy. But despite the difficulties, your product has become more friendly with many people.
Through these relationships, gather their opinions about, and all the social sites.

22. Never compromise
Once you have built close relationships with people. You need to persuade your customers what you put out good for them, because you can guarantee that the product quality will be best for them if doing so.
Of course this is not easy, you need to understand customers, and have more experience. But the firm and the output value will make your product easier to convince customers in the next time.

23. Knowing the history
Try to know all things of historical design - trends, terminology. Understanding cultural history makes it easy to embrace the trend, even create them.
Learn the typeface, the design, the meaning, the purpose of them - your customers now not only owns a typeface that owns both the deep philosophy behind the font that you choose for them .

24. Valuation its work
One of the common errors of designers frequently at the start of his career is underestimated myself on the recruitment market. The best work is not for single cheap - even when customers have less money they still like "watching" the quote a little high.
Taking the time to assess the quality of their products, time and effort you have spent for the project, thereby setting the numbers to make the appropriate price.

25. Creating false
Allow mistakes to happen in the acceptable range. Sometimes allow yourself to create entirely new experiences, new techniques, new methods, a way that you have never or have not dared to try, including the style that you do not like it.
All help your mind always maintain the "think differently"

26. Always have a handbook
You do not need to be an illustrator to draw something beautiful on the handbook. Simplicity is the squiggly shape (doodle) recorded whims, what fun you have along the way.
Sooner or later they are also a storage ideas available for your reference.

27. Should remember is only Computational Tools
Twenty years ago, many famous designers have no concept of the computer, but they can still create immutable standard for our industry.
Think technology is only a tool to help you at work and not "magic wand" turn you into a better designer. Try to turn off the computer and back to the period of "Stone" and see how to work.

28. Respecting the environment
Each of the products you think you're living environment will benefit / suffer nothing from it. Design products using recycled paper saving solutions ...

29. Share with others
Cherish your experience and you need to promote the next generation by conveying what you have been successful for the young.

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